#2 Water is weird

Now, I know what you might be thinking: “Woah Sem, keep it down with the controversial opinions, my son!” But I’m a man with a mission – and I won’t stop preaching my message before I’ve convinced you. Water is weird, and here’s why.

To start with: all life began in the oceans. Before us and even before the dinosaurs, shit just started to ‘exist’. Out of nowhere. Bam! And suddenly: stuff. Living stuff. I mean, what the fuck? Where did this magical fluid come from before any life form ever existed on our planet in the first place?

Well, new research that was conducted by a team of scientists at Arizona State University (led by Peter Buseck) suggests that Earth’s water came from both rocky material, such as asteroids, and from the vast cloud of dust and gas remaining after the sun’s formation, called the Solar Nebula. So what actually is this Solar Nebula?


“Solar Nebula, gaseous cloud from which, in the so-called nebular hypothesis of the origin of the solar system, the Sun and planets formed by condensation.”


Alright, that still doesn’t clear up everything, but it gives enough SPACE to speculate. Could it be that water not only created life on Earth, but also – for a large part – Earth itself? After the Sun came into existance, was this all just one big body of water and some rocks floating around in space that eventually started to move towards eachother, driven by some mysterious power? What is this kind of mysterious power? And what if water is all we really are?

So many questions, but I wouldn’t have the answers – I’m just a blogger, not a scientist. Still, I think it’s fascinating to think about these kinds of questions. Look at it this way: water is at the base of all organisms alive, and it’s one of the few things that’s been normalized by all living creatures. Almost like an instution, we all know its resourcefulness and its occasional cruelty at the same time. From geese to crocodiles, from lions to wolves, from elephants to giraffes, from gorillas to snails, from chickens to humans: we’re all aware.

When we take a step back and think about it from our own perspective, it’s quite an extraordinary fluid: it keeps you hydrated, and it’s one of the healthiest fluids you can drink. It makes for great, tasty fruits falling from well-watered trees and plants. It even cleans you, also fulfilling a hygienic purpose. For God’s sake, we even exist for 70% out of water. We ARE water.

So because water has such a prominent role in our lives, it may be hard to look at the existance of water from a distance. But when you let your mind wander, you’ll see. And when you’ve convinced yourself that it’s indeed weird, then you’ll see that everything that’s ever existed becomes weird, because everything that’s ever existed, is water. And when everything that’s ever existed is weird, you can become alienated from it all. And when you’re alienated, you may find yourself thinking that all existance is irrelevant. And when everything becomes irrelevant, all existance can actually become more purposeful than ever. Why? Because it’s the only certainty you have in life: as long as there’s life, there’s water – and vice versa. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why water is weird.

Before I started writing this, I didn’t think it’d become so ‘spacey‘. But that’s what makes writing so magical. It sometimes goes from one place to another, surprising you time and time again as a writer. And when writing feels right, it flows – just like water does.

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